Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Here we go, another Wednesday and another DT day over on
Stamping Dragon Designs Facebook page.
My project for the day was from the Primary Colours mini theme,
to be perfectly honest,
the two elements I was given to play with were not the two I would have picked
and I sat looking at them wondering where to go with it...

The green background paper was easy to play with
what would I do with a blue arrow????

....then I had an idea...

Firstly the curve of the arrow drew me to it,
looks like we are going to have a circular card..
what kind of card...

A little voice came from my pile of colourings..
(ok...a bit of poetic licence there)
and Penny Dragon, resplendent in red,
offering pudding on a plate..
shouted in my ear
'use ME!!!'

Looks like we are on the road to a Christmas card...

So with a little bit of digital play (oh I am getting addicted to this..)
the background was done,
then the image was placed..
and a little bit of Christmassy bling..

and here we are,
the finished card.


  1. What a lovely bright card Sarah. Really pretty.

  2. Well done missus! love the card and your blog is fab too nice to see you blogging along LOL huggles Sue J xxxxx

  3. Thanks ladies....something a bit different coming up shortly lol...not a dragon in sight for once... :) xx

  4. Fab card. I love your description of how you came up with the idea. It really works as a circular card.
    From the SDD FB Group Blog Ladder

  5. lovely card xxx popping by from SDD blog ladder

  6. Loving the colours, bright but they work so well together.

  7. Gorgeous,popping in from the SDD FB Group Blog Ladder xxx