Friday, 11 October 2013

Something a little bit different....

Just to show that I don't always colour....

Ever since I first decided to make a card out of a wedding horseshoe,
it has become a type of card that I have had the most orders for.

The horseshoe kit I bought from the craftsUprint web site,
 a design by Valerie Swinglehurst.

It is sold as a stand alone keepsake but I discovered that it fits snuggly 
but nicely
onto an 8x8 card base.

 The card shown here came up a bit small hence there is a bit more movement of the horseshoe.
I wanted it to still be able to be used the originally intended way
and so
I worked out a way to punch holes to thread the ribbon through
meaning the horseshoe can be removed.

Once made, the horseshoe is double sided and has layers of decoupage to the front,
it really doesn't need much embellishment,
I tend to just make sure I use a nice backing paper,
add some gems or similar to the horseshoe flowers
and sometimes add some flowers to the card...

It is not the quickest of cards as the cutting and decoupage take a while
it is simple enough for even a noggin like me to do
pretty enough to create a few ooohs and aaaaahs.

The names and dates add the personalised touch for the happy couple.

I have just discovered the same kit in a different colourway
and so
my repertoire will be growing...

Finally, a slightly different angle.

Thank you for looking and I hope you like it...


  1. Gorgeous card. I like how you've added the horseshoe to a card while still allowing for it to be hanging and being able to take it off.
    From the SDD FB Group Blog Ladder

  2. This is stunning Sarah huggles Sue xx

  3. Gorgeous , popping in From the SDD FB Group Blog Ladder