Friday, 11 October 2013

Something a little bit different....

Just to show that I don't always colour....

Ever since I first decided to make a card out of a wedding horseshoe,
it has become a type of card that I have had the most orders for.

The horseshoe kit I bought from the craftsUprint web site,
 a design by Valerie Swinglehurst.

It is sold as a stand alone keepsake but I discovered that it fits snuggly 
but nicely
onto an 8x8 card base.

 The card shown here came up a bit small hence there is a bit more movement of the horseshoe.
I wanted it to still be able to be used the originally intended way
and so
I worked out a way to punch holes to thread the ribbon through
meaning the horseshoe can be removed.

Once made, the horseshoe is double sided and has layers of decoupage to the front,
it really doesn't need much embellishment,
I tend to just make sure I use a nice backing paper,
add some gems or similar to the horseshoe flowers
and sometimes add some flowers to the card...

It is not the quickest of cards as the cutting and decoupage take a while
it is simple enough for even a noggin like me to do
pretty enough to create a few ooohs and aaaaahs.

The names and dates add the personalised touch for the happy couple.

I have just discovered the same kit in a different colourway
and so
my repertoire will be growing...

Finally, a slightly different angle.

Thank you for looking and I hope you like it...

Thursday, 10 October 2013


Sorry I have been remiss and not been here for a while,
I know I promised something different
you will have to wait until the next blog for that....
..not as long next time...

Today is all about this weeks DT project for Stamping Dragons Designs,
the sheet we were given to use was the Hilly Cat Topper.

This is a pyramage topper and the first decision was whether to go for
the round version or the square....

It is a cat after all and cats are definitely not square!!!
First decision made....
Next decision is what colour...
I went for green and tried to match it to the cat's eyes.

what type of card, well I decided to try something I had seen
but never got around to making...

I took two A6 size cards and glued the left side of one to the right side of the other,
this leaves you with three equal panels,
the two outer panels I folded in half so the folded edges are together,
This gives a folded gatefold card.

I covered the front panels with a green paper and the inside panel with 
a metallic type green/gold.
Then I layered a slightly smaller panel of the green paper on the inside.
For the panels on the outside,
using the same metallic effect paper,
I hand embossed it with paw prints using Fiskars 'paws' texture plate and tool.
My that puts some muscle in your arms...
it was then cut into slightly smaller panels and stuck to the front of the card.

The pyramage itself I stuck to the same green paper and cut around it
leaving just a small border
and stuck it
by just one edge
to the right hand panel so it was central on the closed card.

With just a few green pearls to finish off...
the card was done...

Simple but, in my opinion, very effective....

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Here we go, another Wednesday and another DT day over on
Stamping Dragon Designs Facebook page.
My project for the day was from the Primary Colours mini theme,
to be perfectly honest,
the two elements I was given to play with were not the two I would have picked
and I sat looking at them wondering where to go with it...

The green background paper was easy to play with
what would I do with a blue arrow????

....then I had an idea...

Firstly the curve of the arrow drew me to it,
looks like we are going to have a circular card..
what kind of card...

A little voice came from my pile of colourings..
(ok...a bit of poetic licence there)
and Penny Dragon, resplendent in red,
offering pudding on a plate..
shouted in my ear
'use ME!!!'

Looks like we are on the road to a Christmas card...

So with a little bit of digital play (oh I am getting addicted to this..)
the background was done,
then the image was placed..
and a little bit of Christmassy bling..

and here we are,
the finished card.